Friday, November 13

Eco Email Signatures

Have you ever thought about the effect of eco email signatures?

Since the Internet revolution a great amount of people worldwide stay in touch with each other by email. We are sending private emails to family and friends and we write emails for professional use. Most times when we receive an important email for our work we tend to print it quickly for extra reading. But do we need to print all our emails? Can’t we just read them from our computer screen?

The signature that I have seen most times and sometimes used as well is the next one.

However, what is the effect of these eco email signatures? I think when a lot of people consider their printing habits and print less it will have a significant effect on the environment. It’s simple: when we lower the use of paper we will save a lot of trees. Not to mention the use of environmental unfriendly printer ink.

(Nevertheless, many offices are willing to use recycled paper and better ink..)

These are other creative signatures that I have found on the Net.

After seeing creative work from others I started to make one myself. This is the result.

Feel free to use it!

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